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Analytical Instruments

Aly-Tech, France
Aly-Tech, France
Gas Dilution & Mixing which can prepare and automatically inject gases in virtually all kinds of analytical instruments for calibration and validation.
Gas Mix
Liquid Mix
Lab Instruments
Lab Instruments
HPTLC Documentation System - Mini Luminous
UV Cabinet- Crystal -3
Applicator Semi Automatic –Sprayline
Development Chamber
Manual Applicator
Plate Condensing Box
SPE : Positive Pressure Manifold   |   Work station   |   Different Vial Racks   |   Gas Tubing
Colony Counters : Automated Colony Counters
Nitrogen Evaporator : 8,16,32,48,96, tube blocks   |   Block for above With hot air Customized PCR
Plate Condensing Box
Fluid Handling and Analysis
Lab Essential - Gloves
Fluid Handling - Stirrers and Hot Plates
Lab Products
Test & Measurement
All Types of Impurities we are specialized in isolation and characterisation of unknown impurities, & custom synthesis etc.
Organic Impurities : Process   |  Drug Related
Inorganic Impurities
Residual Solvents
Extraneous Contaminants : Polymorphic Forms   |  Enantiomeric Impurities
Analytical Instruments
Repair & Servicing of Analytical Instruments
Gas Generator
Piping & Tubing Work For Laboratories
Rotary Evaporator
Rotary Evaporator
Rotary Evaporator is a device used for efficient and gentle removal of solvents from samples by evaporation.
Gas Generation
Gas Generator
Precision Hydrogen
Precision Nitrogen
Precision Zero Air
Precision Air Compressor
Infi nity 90 Series
Infi nity Series
NG Series
Fusion 1010
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