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Mini Luminous - HPTLC Documentation System

Mini Luminous - HPTLC Documentation System
Specifications :
Lamp Source: Flicker less illumination > 50khz
Top Illumination: Individual switches make all right source on & botto illumination can be switch on with either of top illumination sources.
White Light: 2 No. x 8W (1 from each side)
UV 254nm: 2 No. x 8W (1 from each side)
UV 366nm: 2 No. x 8W (1 from each side)
For visible Transillumination (optional): Provision for 2 No. 8W UV 312 or 366nm light sources from bottom with imported UV filter can be fitted.
Lamp Filters: Imported are fixed in front & UV light sources to ensure proper incident wavelength to cut off unwanted harmonics.
Camera Filters (optional): UV blocking filter is provided with unit. optional Red, Yellow and Blue filters of 60nm dia can be provided to put in front of camera lens. This given an additional facility for enhancing images if required under differentcolor filters.
Camera: In built camera with 12 bit fire wire PCB camera.
Mini Luminous is developed to observe and document developed plates in TLC/HPTLC with the help of in-built camera. The system can be attached to Computer and operated by IDS software which also complies 21 CFR part 11 software. This is a unique versatile instrument with documentation system as well as Trans Illuminator.
The system software provides facility for Retention factor calculation, Image annotation, creating documentation and generating reports for processed images. The software also provide facility for verifying processed images with stamping and searching images by name and by date. It provides login with two access level, administrator and user type. Administrator can manage users by creating new users, editing existing users. Reports can be generated for processed images with spotting sequence and retention factor table.
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