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GasMix Zephyr

Small Size for Bigger Projects

On-site customized Gas Standard Preparation has never been easier than with Zephyr, the down sized version of GasMix™.

The 5’’ touch screen allows the control of two mass fow controllers in order to create gas standards from a
concentrated gas and a diluent.

These mixtures and dilutions can be programed into sequences which may be used for a wide variety of applications like analyzer calibration, glove box atmosphere control, sample steam dilution and/or internal standard addition.

 Ease to Use
 Reduced Operator Time
 Calibration Curves for each used gas
 Environmental – Calibration of analyzers for ambient air surveillance, in laboratories and on site.
 Petrochemical – Oil & Gas in laboratories
 Food & Flavour - Quality control
 Automotive Industry – Engine bench / Emission Control
 Specialty Gases
 Electronics Industry
Technical specications* :
Dimensions: L x l x h (cm) : 38 x 16 x 26
Weight : 6,5kg – 14 pounds
Connection : Swagelok 1/8”
Accuracy : less than 2% of the fl ow all over the scale
Dilution : from 0,5 to 100% of the initial concentration
Power supply : 115 - 230V / 4 - 2 A
Inlet Pressure : Gas 3 bars
Max Outlet Pressure : atmospheric, higher pressure possible on request (contact us)
* Note Specications subject to change without notice
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