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GasMix LiqMix

Generate Gas Standards From Liquids

Today more and more analytical laboratories require calibration standards from compounds which are liquid at room temperature. Aromatics such as, Benzene, Toluene and Xylene (BTX) along with many other organic solvents or Siloxane can be difficult to acquire.

GasMix™ LiqMix it can evaporate a liquid standard in a controlled way into a gas stream. This provides the ability for lab personnel to generate a range of standards at different concentrations.

 Calibration Curves for each gas used
 Heated line up to the analyzer
 Reduced operator time
 Unique solution
 Return on Investment in less than one year
Application spotlight : Biogas Valorization
Siloxanes are transformed into silicon oxides at high temperature. These oxides are very hard materials which can damage the metal surfaces of an engine. Gas chromatography is used to evaluate the efficiency of a siloxane remover process. The analyzer must be calibrated and gas standards containing Siloxanes are not commercially available. LiqMix is used to vaporize octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (D4) which is liquid at room temperature.
Key Applications :
 Calibration Laboratories
 Renewable Energy - Biogas
 Air Treatment performance control
 Petrochemical, Oil & Gas
 VOC analysis
 Automotive industry
 Gas chromatography
Technical specications* :
Dimensions : L x W x H (cm): 42 x 22 x 46 (16.5"x8.5"x18")
Weight : 16 kg - 35Ibs
Connectors : 1/8" Swagelok
Accuracy : less than 2% of the flow all over the scale
USB communication - Windows 7 recommended
Power Supply: 230 V / 2A / 50-60 Hz (115 V available)
Supply Pressure: 3 bar for gases – 3.2 bar liquid blanketing
Max Outlet Pressure: atmospheric, higher pressure possible on request (contact us)
* Note Specications subject to change without notice
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