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Gas Generator

Precision Hydrogen
The Precision Hydrogen generators come in two variants, standard and trace. The standard models are designed to provide detector gas for applications such as FID and FPD available in 100cc, 200cc, 300cc and 450cc. The trace model can deliver 250cc or 500cc/min of hydrogen for both carrier and make-up gas. One generator is capable of supplying multiple detectors and GC or GC-MS units.
  Suitable for detector gas (both) and carrier gas (trace model only)
  99.9995% purity (standard) / 99.9999% purity (trace model)
  Regenerative PSA dryers for highest purity (trace model only)
  Creates hydrogen on demand, minimal storage of hydrogen in
     the system
  Low maintenance and minimal running costs over product lifetime
  Internal leak detection with automatic shutdown ) Automatic
     loading pump as standard
  Simple maintenance, limited to replacing de-ionizer cartridge
     and silica gel
  Peak off ers a 3 year cell warranty with this generator as standard
Precision Nitrogen
The Precision Nitrogen generators are available in both standard and trace models. The standard models come in 250cc, 600cc and 1 litre and are able to provide make-up gas at standard detection limits. The Nitrogen Trace models are engineered to off er zero nitrogen as carrier gas, make-up gas and for sample preparation available in 250cc, 600cc and 1L models.
  Standard suitable as GC and GC-MS carrier and detector gas
  All models off er 99.9995% purity
  Trace capable of delivering “zero nitrogen” as carrier gas, make-up
     gas and sample preparation
  Catalyst chamber to remove hydrocarbons (as methane) to
     <0.05ppm with no expensive catalyst chamber replacements
     (trace model only) ) Highly economical source of nitrogen gas with
     low lifetime running costs
  Constant and consistent supply, avoid running out of gas
     during analysis
  Ultra-fast start-up time, quick to reach standard operating purity
  Minimum maintenance with an annual fi lter change
Precision Zero Air
The Precision Zero Air generators are designed specifi cally to supply clean, dry, hydrocarbon-free air to be used as fl ame support gas for GC at both standard and trace detection limits.
  Hydrocarbon content <0.05ppm for market-leading purity
  Integrates seamlessly with other Precision units
  Minimum lifetime maintenance requirements, no expensive
     catalyst chamber replacements
  Highly economical source of dry air with low lifetime running costs
  Avoid risk of contaminants entering the system (when switching
     out empty cylinders)
  No risk of running out of gas in middle of analysis
  Free 12 month warranty [Peak Protected] plans available
  Status indicative lighting feature (amber warm-up, green ready)
Precision Zero Air
Zero Air Generator for GC
  Integrates seamlessly with other Precision units.
  Hydrocarbon content <0.05ppm for market-leading purity
  Minimum lifetime maintenance requirements, no expensive
     catalyst chamber replacements
  Avoid risk of contaminanats entering the system
    (when switching out empty cylinders)
  No risk of running out of gas in middle of analysis
  Status indicative lighting feature
  12 month comprehensive on-site warranty
Precision Air Compressor
Air Compressor for GC
  Compressed air supply for Precision Nitrogen and Zero Air generators.
  Single unit can supply both the N2 and ZA generators in a stack
  Duplex compressor mounting system to dampen noise and vibration.
  Service and repair status indicators
  12 month comprehensive on-site warranty
i-FlowLab provides a total laboratory solution for on-site generation of high purity nitrogen gas, delivering a continuous and consistent supply of nitrogen at the required pressure, purity and fl ow rates to meet the full and varying demands of your laboratory or research facility including mass-spec instruments, glove boxes, sample evaporators and more.
The expandable on-demand nitrogen solution

Engineered around PSA technology, i-FlowLab is available in various pre-confi gured specifi cations to suit specifi c fl ow and purity demands. A single i-FlowLab generator installation can provide nitrogen at fl ow rates from 40 l/min - 3402 l/min. Purities are specifi ed at time of system design to meet the needs of the application up to 99.999%*.

Thanks to the expandable design, additional CMS column banks can be added to each i-FlowLab generator after installation to increase maximum flow rate.**

** Model and variant dependant, higher fl ow rates are available
     using multiple i-FlowLab generator systems
** Each model is based on banks of paired CMS columns, ranging
     from single pair in 6010 to 10 pairs in 6100
Infinity 90 Series
The Infinity 90 Series is a membrane generator providing higher flow rates of nitrogen for gas hungry applications such as sample evaporation or glove boxes.. Due to the few moving parts and not containing an internal compressor, this generator off ers an uninterrupted supply of nitrogen, 24 hours a day, without compromising on performance.
  Higher flow source of laboratory grade nitrogen ranging from
    140 l/min to 1120 l/min.
  Depending on model, this generator can supply multiple
     LC-MS instruments.
  Reduced risk of sample oxidation.
  Few moving parts means little maintenance required and ensures
     long life of the generator
  Service indication lets you know when preventative maintenance
     is required
  Highly economical source of nitrogen gas with low lifetime
     running costs
  Gas is supplied on demand so generator works to your schedule
  Completely silent in operation
  Minimal set-up required
Infinity Series
The Infi nity series of gas generators has been engineered to provide nitrogen to laboratories which already have an external source of air. Eff ectively silent in operation, with the ability to run uninterrupted, 24 hours a day, and handle a wide variety of fl ow rates. including much higher fl ow than via our Genius systems. We can provide advice and recommendations on external compressor and prefi ltration as part of an Infi nity gas generation system.
  Robust and dependable nitrogen generator for LC-MS
  House supply of air or 3rd party compressor and pre-fi ltration required
  Highly economical source of nitrogen gas with low lifetime
     running costs.
  Minimal set-up required
  More practical, safe and convenient than cylinders or dewars
  Eff ectively silent in operation
  Wide range of fl ow rates to meet varying levels of gas demand
  Few moving parts make this a durable generator with
     minimum maintenance required
  Complete peace of mind and lifetime performance with
     [Peak Protected] generator care plans
     (available separately), protecting your productivity
  On-site gas generation considerably reduces your carbon footprint
NG Series
Our NG series delivers ultra high purity nitrogen at trace detection limits through Pressure Swing Adsorption technology at fl ows of 2-5l/min. The NG range can be purchased with or without an internal compressor depending on whether the laboratory has an external source of gas.
  Suitable for applications requiring ultra high purity
  Available with or without an external compressor
  Contains self-regenerating Carbon Molecular Sieve column
  Gas is supplied on demand so generator works to your schedule
Fusion 1010
The Fusion 1010 dual gas generator was developed to deliver high purity zero nitrogen and zero air, for GC-FID and GC-ECD. The Fusion 1010 also comes with a rapid restart function allowing the unit to be operational shortly after a power cut, or if power is removed from the unit.
  Catalyst chamber removes hydrocarbons (as methane) to <0.1 ppm
  Zero air and zero nitrogen improve stability of baseline
  Delivers two separate outputs of zero nitrogen and zero air
  Rapid restart function allows for immediate supply of gas after
     a power cut
  Internal air compressor removes the need for an external source of air
  Compact size means the generator can fi t under a standard lab bench
  Noise level lower than most standard laboratory instruments
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