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Fluid Handling - Stirrers and Hot Plates

Digital Stirring Hot Plate
Get even, consistent mixing :
 Counter-reaction maintains a constant speed, even with viscosity changes
 Top plate and body resist acids, bases, and solvents
 Controls and top plate are separated to increase safety
Digital Round-Top Stirring Hot Plate
Ensure even heating :
 ceramic-coated top plate combines temperature uniformity with durability
 Mminum plate ensures optimal heat transfer while ceramic coating promotes excellent chemical resistance
 Counter-reaction maintains a constant speed, even with viscosity changes
Hot Plates
Get precise control through entire range :
 Don't get burned-warning symbol alerts to surface temperature above 50┬░ C
 Recessed areas divert spills away from internal components
 Detamic top units are corrosion resistant
Ceramic-Top Stirrers and Stirring Hot Plates
Get precise digital control with superior stirring :
 Extremely fast heating
 White ceramic top plate cleans easily and resists alkalies and acids
 Don't overheat-over-temperature safety circuit fixed at 550┬░C (1022┬░F)
 Optional temperature sensor for more precise temperature control
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