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Applicator Semi Automatic – Sprayline

Specifications :
Spraylin Sample Applicator is developed to apply samples on the HPTLC/TLC plates in the form of bands.
Automatic syringe height adjustments for different types of plates.
Plate size: Max. 200 x 200mm Min. 20 x 50mm
Application syringes: selectable 100μl
Application speed: min 100μl/sec - max 12 μl l/sec
Facility to superimpose selected tracks by another solutions.
CPU of machine automatically estimates the No of Bands that can be applied with given plate size, start distance, space & band length.
Application syringe resolution: for 100μl = 120 steps for 100μl
Plate table resolution: 100μm in 8 steps. Speed approx. 10mm/sec.
Band length: from spot (0) to 190mm
N2 Gas consumption: 1 to 1.5 L/min
Manual or stand alone operation & any time connectivity with PC during stand alone operation Through Sprayline Software.
Stored programmes: 25 (Fixed operating methods No. 25, with default factory settings are provided. Any method can be overwritten at customers
end any time).
Last executed method is stored in Volatile Memory & machine can be restarted by just pressing RUN command.
Graphical Alpha numeric display gives clear vision of the current status of the machine.
Pneumatic module with gas pressure indicator. Ease of adjusting out put Pressure Software: Specially developed.
Sprayline software controls the machine when operated through PC.
Y position: Application Y position for tracks can be from 5mm to 190 mm
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